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 I'm a new user - What do you suggest doing first ? 

  Read through this page. Then use a Dropbox account & try The Line Web App

  for text files


 Purpose & Features:

  1. The Line App automatically sets correct newline (also known as line-end) characters for text files on the current Operating System - wrong line-end characters are removed
  2. Some visitors may know of dos2unix & unix2dos, The Line App performs similar tasks
  3. When users in a group edit text files (including source code) on different systems, The Line App prevents the need to track the last system where files were edited
  4. Some examples of text files that are exchanged between systems are:
    1. Plain text documents (including HTML files) that must be edited
    2. Script files (Example: Python scripts)
  5. The Line App can be used in these cases: (also see Recommend The Line App)
    1. when other programs have trouble with newline (line-end) special characters
    2. before editing files - to first ensure that only correct line-end characters for the OS exist
    3. for a single file or (a list of files / a dir - useful when many files can't be checked individually)
    4. to get info only or adjust text
    5. for select file extensions alone
    6. in GUI mode too (also see Right Click Support)
    7. using just a browser & Dropbox (without downloads of The Line App program / text files) - see the web app here

 System Requirements - Desktop App:

  1. Windows, Linux or Mac OS X
  2. Java - for GUI mode (also see High Performance)

 System Requirements - Web App:

  1. A Dropbox account
    (Under your dropbox drive, create a /Apps folder & /Apps/STableE_D folder)
    (Place files under /Apps/STableE_D & use the The Line Web App on them)
  2. Any web browser that can view the web app at this link
  3. Mobile (touchscreen) requirements are similar to STableE - see this post

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 Web App - Update: 21 Aug 2013


 Desktop App Screen Shots:


Linux Mac OS X
None None Use Ctrl-v to paste path names in the GUI


Download - Windows - Update: 12 Aug 2012
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.3 MB
Download - Linux - Update: 12 Aug 2012
GNU Compressed Tar Archive File 1.6 MB
Download - Mac OS X - Update: 12 Aug 2012
GNU Compressed Tar Archive File 3.5 MB


 Thanks to:  Windows XP, Peppermint & SliTaz Linux, Mac OS X

                  VMware, Java, Python, py2exe, cxfreeze, py2app &



 Thanks to:  Visitors, Jimdo & AdSella


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